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Private Parties

A great DJ knows how to make your event unique and special, whether your affair is an elegant outdoor cocktail party or high energy dance party. I play music that elevates your event and makes you look like a rock star for bringing in a great DJ. My job is to make sure you and your guests have a night to remember.

Bars // Clubs // Restaurants

When I’m DJing at a Club or Restaurant, I’m not just playing music, I’m performing. There to make sure your patrons are having a great time laughing, dancing and most importantly spending money! My musical repertoire spans pop, dance, hip-hop, r&b, house, indie rock and even disco. I also have a highly refined cocktail lounge list for the dinner hour or upscale venues.


Before I started DJing, I was a wedding photographer and designer. My clients were not just brides, but wedding caterers, planners, florists and venues, so I have a unique perspective and approach to DJing a wedding. I want to help you create an event of a lifetime, with a style and approach that is completely unique to you. Great music and great emcee make or break an event, and I am proud to say I bring them both.

Events & Festivals

When playing to a large audience, you want a DJ who can play to the crowd and hype the audience. Your crowd is there to have a good time, hear great music and have an experience they’ll tell their friends about. I have my own equipment and am experienced working in professional sound environments.

Experienced, Reliable & Professional

I stake my professional reputation on showing up on time with the right equipment and prepared to play. I’ve been in the creative┬áindustry for many years as a professional photographer, videographer and owner of an advertising agency.

Wide genre of music that crosses decades

Dance, pop, hip-hop, 70s, 80s, 90s, reggae, alternative, house, r&B, indie dance and pretty much everything in between. I also have an extensive collection of cocktail, lounge, jazz, blues and downtempo. My Mother is also a professional DJ. Looking for an obscure tune? Try me, I bet I’ll find it.

Affordable and Accesible

I love what I do and have a passion for performing. I’m selective about the gigs I take on because I want my style to be the right fit for the client. I try to keep my rates reasonable and well within the industry standard.

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What others say

  • All the feedback has been positive and we'll touch base with any upcoming events!

    Mark Vandeloo General Manager, Casa Marina Hotel
  • What a great night! The members loved your music and had a great time, as always. Can't wait to book you again.

    Audrey Membership Manager, University Club of Jacksonville
  • Jeffrey, thank you for doing so a great job at our wedding. You made our event a memorable one. Would recommend you to my friends!

    Traci Rittner Wedding Bride
  • Throwback night was a blast. Thanks for the tunes!

    1904 Music Hall
  • What a fantastic event, we can always count on you to get our party started right and keep the night going. You are our favorite DJ for sure!

    Kristi Lee Schatz Executive Director, Unity Plaza

About DJ HDee

Hi. I’m Jeffrey D Harrington, aka DJHDee. I’m a second generation DJ. My Mom, Jane Harrington is a legendary DJ in the Shag, Swing and Bop society. My passion for music started in the 80s as a teenager listening to vinyl and making mixtapes of hip-hop and rap using the reel-to-reel player my Father gave me. In 2004 I started having monthly “house” parties at my office where I made custom playlists. This lead into buying my first DJ controller. I played parties, corporate events and then my first wedding. I’ve lost count of how many events I’ve played. Now people I’ve never met walk up to me and say “Hey DJ!” My love for music has grown into a passion for professional DJing. As my resume grows I try to never forget what being a good DJ is all about. Great music, great attitude and making sure everyone has a good time.